中高等部 - 8年生 立志式
Secondary - 8th Grade Coming of Age Day

今年の立志式のテーマは、“We Are The World.” でした。


On Thursday, January 31st, 8th Grade Coming of Age Day was held at the secondary school.
The theme is this year's ceremony was "We Are The World."

In the first part of the ceremony, all the JH students attended, they heard talks from Chairman Shimizu and Principal Ogasawara. Also, four students of 8th Grade read out letters and conveyed their gratitude to their parents.

In the second part, 10th and 11th grade students also joined the ceremony. They listened to what "We are the world" means to Ms. Gurson Hiroko Tsubota, a business consultant.

This day was a good chance for them to reaffirm their appreciation of the people around them and to consider their futures.