初等部 - JAXA(宇宙航空研究開発機構) 「はやぶさ」講演会
Elementary - JAXA (The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) “Hayabusa” Lecture

SHIP (the parent association of GKA) organized a seminar titled “The Great Challenge of Asteroid Explorer, Hayabusa” on Dec. 7 (Fri). The lecturer, Dr. Kazutaka Nishiyama, associate professor of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science is well known as an expert in ion engine and the former operation foreman for the team of Asteroid Exploer, Hayabusa. Students listened closely to Dr. Nishiyama during his lecture in English and Japanese about the Hayabusa project with using actual video images. After the lecture, the students actively provoked questions during the Qs and As session. The actual uniforms used by astronauts, models of the International Space Station, rocket and Hayabusa and others were exhibited in the venue. It was a great opportunity to fill children with joyful dreams about space.  
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