初等部- プロテニスプレーヤー 森田あゆみさん来校
Elementary - Professional tennis player, Ms. Ayumi Morita visited GKA.

太田市出身のプロテニスプレーヤー 森田あゆみさんが来校されました。テニスを始めたきっかけ、英語をどのようにして学んだのか、世界中を転戦する生活など興味深い話をしてくださいました。世界ランク最高位40位で、現在も日本人トップの森田さんのミニレッスン、写真撮影やサイン会に子どもたちは目を輝かせていました。
Professional player, Ms. Ayumi Morita from Ota visited GKA. She told students many interesting stories including how she started playing tennis, how she learned English and her life travelling all over the world. Her highest world ranking was the 40th and she is still no. 1 among the Japanese players. Students’ eyes were shining while they had a chance to have a mini lesson and photo shooting with Ms. Morita and autograph session.
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