初等部 - アナフィラキシー対応トレーニング
Elementary - Anaphylaxis Training


Thank to a kind arrangement by a local pharmacy, our school nurse and teacher had an opportunity to attend a course in epinephrine pen on April 2. They learned about symptoms of anaphylaxis, one of the most severe acute allergic reactions, and how to appropriately use an epinephrine pen with a training kit.
Many people still remember that an elementary school student died after eating school lunch at the end of last year because of anaphylaxis. She was taken away in an ambulance without using self-administered epinephrine left in the school by her parents. The school’s lack of understanding about anaphylaxis resulted in her death. Crisis management of allergic reactions in school has been much discussed these days because there are many children with allergies. We have implemented numerous efforts to educate teachers and staff about the correct information and ways to deliver prompt responses to emergencies.  
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