Elementary - Learning Tree



March last year, two G3 students confessed that they drew graffiti on their desks. They decided to save money to pay for the damage by earning money through helping their parents at home. They prepared an impressive steady payment plan including work schedule of helping their parents, such as bathroom cleaning and washing shoes aimed at completing payment by the end of June.
They worked diligently and finally they were able to pay up in July. We were able to repair the damaged desks without spending too much money. We wondered how we can appreciate their accomplishment and efforts for those three months. 
In March, a year after the incident, we decided to plant a “Japanese Stewartia” (Natsu Tsubaki) named “Manabi No Ki (Learning Tree)” using their money. The tree will become the symbol of the great learning opportunities that sincerely amends their shortcomings or misconduct.

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