初等部 - 地域映画の「グラス☆ホッパー」
Elementary - The local movie “Grasshopper” to promote Ota City



The local movie “Grasshopper” to promote Ota City
The movie “Grasshopper” is a film for the youth depicting the process of a girl growing from child to adult through playing rugby set in the home town for Panasonic Wild Knights, one of the strongest rugby teams in Japan. Many GKA students joined an audition for the casts, and a GKA female student was chosen as the main character together with other 3 casts. 
In addition, 53 students of G4, 5 and 6 appeared as extras and the shooting took place at the elementary campus. They did shots of students taking a lesson, commuting, talking and playing in the playground.
The shooting started with the sharp clap noise and “Action! Start!” from the scene of a boy kicking a rugby ball in the playground, followed by a distant view where the main character walked home while others were playing. A compliment “You looked really playing. Great job!” made the students smile.
Next, the girl talked about her future dream in English in the 6C classroom. And the scene continued with her teacher saying “We will support you. I wish your dream comes true”.
The director, Mr. Fujisaki had a camera running while instructing casts and extras in their acting. He did a shot many times with shifting camera angles until he got satisfaction. The students could naturally act many times. Once they heard the clap noise, they seriously concentrated on their acting despite acting repeated many times and long waiting time. The director is Mr. Makoto Fujihashi producing many films to promote local communities in Gunma, and Mr. Miyaji, G5 parent is the producer of this movie.
The movie will crank up in June and may be off the screen in November.

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