Nikkei Coverage of GKA



Nikkei, a leading economic newspaper in Japan, visited GKA on June 23 (Friday) to gather information about the school. The story was posted as a special feature article, “Growth Strategy- from the Site Staying Ahead” on the economic page of the national edition. Nikkei focused on the two major educational pillars of GKA, hands-on and minds-on curriculum for fostering “critical thinking skills” as well as the English immersion environment to develop human resources capable of working in the global arena. The article also looked at another aspect of GKA as an IB World School. It commented that “GKA stays ahead of the national Growth Strategy in eight years”.
In its New Growth Strategy: The Formulation of "Japan Revitalization Strategy-Japan is Back-" the Office of the Prime Minister advocated, last year, the idea of increasing IB World Schools in Japan to 200 within five years.