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Elementary - Summer Festival



GKA Summer Festival organized by parents’ association SHIP was held on July 7. Various activities were offered including mini putter golf, face painting, nail art and making kaleidoscopes in addition to a bazaar and food stalls. Students, parents and teachers also showed their talents in the performance show. Wonderful performances such as mini concert-like karaoke, rakugo (Japanese sit-down comedy), and Japanese drum entertained the audience. The most amazing thing was a maze created by the parents in the gym. They worked till late in the evening to build the maze. It was extremely popular among children.
The parents spent several weeks preparing for the event. Despite the tremendous heat on that day, they worked very hard to guide cars, sell things and organize activities. Many elementary and secondary teachers also volunteered for the activities. GKA Summer Festival turned out to be extremely successful and reflective of the robust relationship between the parents and school.            

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