Elementary – Sports Day



We held Sports Day on Saturday, September 28 under a sunny blue sky. GKA Sports Day usually starts with the Haka performed by the Maori tribe in New Zealand to assert their power and strike fear to their opponents before a battle by clapping hands and stomping. All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby team, is famous for performing the Haka before an international match.
“Aiue Ongaku,” the dance performed by G1-G4 students was spectacular. Two Japanese teachers creatively choreographed the dance for the different grades with different levels of difficulty. The combination of those grade dances and the collaboration of the students were impressive. The students danced proudly and cheerfully. G5 and 6 students danced Soran Bushi, one of the most famous traditional dance in Japan. Some visited Wakkanai as  delegates of Ota City and learnt from the origin of the dance. Their strong powerful performance drew considerable applause, too.   
Many parents and secondary students played the tug-of-war against GKA teachers/staff. The upper graders, parents and teachers/staff cooperatively cleaned up after the event. This is the GKA family, a close-knit community, in reality.

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