初等部 - ハロウィン
Elementary - Halloween


午前中、子供たちは仮装のままで通常授業。午後は毎年趣向を凝らしたイベントが行われます。今年は、「Cool」、「Cute」、「Beautiful」、「Scary」、「Adventurous」、「Funny」、「Sporty」、「Strong」、「Mysterious」、「I don’t know」のコスチュームごとのグループに分かれて、ポーズや掛け声で各グループのアピール合戦をしました。その後各棟に分かれて、お化け屋敷、ゲーム、ハロウィン映画の鑑賞などを行いました。

Every year, the Halloween celebration in GKA gets a lot of media exposure through television and newspapers. Teachers/staff and students spend the day dressed up in different costumes. There were “Funassyi” (a popular local mascot character) and “Amachan” (heroine in the popular TV drama)”as well as popular characters like ninjas, princesses, draculas, zombies, heroes, athletes, astronauts, animation/movie characters. Teachers and staff also enjoyed the festive event with handmade costumes and make ups like professionals. 
Students, in their costumes, attend regular classes from the morning followed by a variety of events in the afternoon. This year the students were categorized into 10 groups according to their costume: “Cool”, “Cute”, “Beautiful”, “Scary”, “Adventurous”, “Funny”, “Sporty”, “Strong”, “Mysterious” and “I don’t know”. Each group showed off their common posture or slogan to win a competition. After the event the students experienced a haunted house, played a game or watched Halloween movies.
We believe that by actually experiencing a foreign cultural event like Halloween the students are provided a good opportunity to learn and respect other cultures. Moreover, it is important to allow students some breaks from their study schedules to talk and laugh – in other words; be free from their responsibilities like this event so that they would feel relaxed before returning to classes.

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