初等部―6年生 オーストラリア短期留学
Elementary – G6 Australia Study Trip



G6 students participate in a short-term study abroad program in Australia, a supplementary program of English immersion in the elementary school. For three weeks the students live with an Australian family and attend local schools in Perth, Western Australia. Within this period students may not contact their families in Japan. 
Each GKA student is assigned a “buddy,” a child of a host family going to the same school. For a majority of the students may be the first time to be away from their parents.  Some students get homesick. However, they gradually develop friendships with their buddies who they spend almost 24 hours a day together in school and at home. At the same time they build strong links with their host families.
The photos uploaded in Perth every day showed the changes in expressions from tension to lively smiles. With the growth of a strong tie with their buddies and host families much of their homesickness faded away then turned into “buddy-sickness” when they left. Some students spent fruitful and meaningful time in residences near the ocean and river blessed with an abundance of nature.
They pick up an “Aussie” accent a little bit after the trip, and show some considerable growth at home. Observing G6 students proudly deliver a presentation about their study trip in English demonstrates one effect of the study trip.

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