初等部 - 1年生100日のお祝い
Elementary - G1 100 Days Celebration



On Oct. 4 (Friday), the G1 students celebrated their 100th days in school. 100th day celebration is one of the most important events in primary schools in the United States.
In GKA the students and teachers put one straw into a plastic holder to count school days each day since day 1 at GKA. They loudly said “1st day”, “2nd day”….“10th day”, “50th day”….”100th day” during homeroom activities. When they reach 10 days, they make a new group of ten. Finally, on the day when they filled all 10s’ holders with 100 straws, the students enjoyed various activities to celebrate the day such as, reading a book about “100 day of celebration“ in the States to the children; coloring 100 items, creating 100-day celebration paper decorations, jumping all together100 times …..
“Wow! We came to school for so many days.” “I am very tired after jumping 100 times.” “I woke up early 100 times!” “100 mean lots.” “Children in the US are also doing the same!” We heard children’s pleasant speeches and happy remarks.
Class photos of G1 students proudly wearing self-made 100-day paper crowns were taken. Their parents themselves who got their children to school 100 times must have felt the deep emotions on this day.   

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