初等部 - ファンラン(持久走)
Elementary - Fun Run


12月5日毎年恒例のFun Run(持久走)が行われました。数週間の間、休み時間に校庭を児童、教員が走りこの日に備えました。本番はお天気に恵まれ、気温もこの時期にしては温かい穏やかな日。1、2年生は1000m、3、4年生は1300m、5、6年生は1600mを走りました。1年生男子からスタート。スタート地点近くで転ぶ子もいましたが、みんな元気に走り切りました。6年生は男子女子ともにグラウンドに入ってから熱いデットヒートが繰り広げられました。勝った子も惜しくも2位になった子もお互いの健闘をたたえ合う素晴らしいFun Runでした。また寒い中、早朝から子供の安全確保のために、交通整理、AEDを備えての自転車伴走、飲み物の配布などご尽力いただいた保護者ボランティアの皆様に深く感謝いたします。

Fun Run, one of the biggest school events in winter took place on Dec. 5. For several weeks, GKA students ran around the playground during recess with teachers to prepare for the event. The day had beautiful weather with warm and gentle climate which was unusual for this time of year. The running distances were 1,000m, 1,300m and 1,600m for G1/2, G3/4 and G5/6, respectively. Fun Run started with the G1 boys’ race. Some students rushed and fell down at the starting point. However, everyone made it to the finish line. The top one and two in both G6 boys and girls races were in a pretty close race even after entering the running track in the playground. We witnessed a wonderful incident where winners and the defeated rivals who lost by a hair praised each other’s performances. We would like to extend a special thank you to volunteer parents who directed traffic, followed students by AED-equipped bicycle and distributed drinks to ensure safety for students.   

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