初等部 – 稚内の小中学生「てっぺん風の子交流団」来校
Elementary - Wakkanai Students participating in the Cultural Exchange Mission Visited the Elementary


学校ツアーの後、二人組に分かれて1年から6年の各クラスへ。英語の授業だけではなく、英語での体育、音楽、算数、理科の授業を体験しました。遠くからやってきた上級生に興味しんしんの子供たち。北海道の話を楽しそうに聞いていました。その後、GKA 5年生が管楽器演奏を披露し、稚内の子どもたちは本場のソーラン節の踊りを披露。稚内の子供たちの指導でGKA児童もソーラン節を踊りました。「本当に楽しかった」、「来てくれてありがとう」。お互いにかけがえのない経験ができた半日でした。

Elementary and secondary students from Wakkanai, Hokkaido came to GKA on January 9, 2014. The annual visits are part of a youth exchange program, “Teppen Kazenoko Koryudan” where students from Wakkanai experience various kinds of learning through interactions with students in Ota City. The principal greeted them and American head teacher of GKA explained about the school in English. They tried to listen to unfamiliar English words as much as possible. 
After a brief school tour, a pair of Wakkanai students joined each class and experienced GKA lessons in PE, Music, Math and Science as well as English. GKA students showed their great interests in the senior students coming from the far off place. With the 5th graders, Wakkanai students performed their authentic Soran Bushi dance while G5 played their band instruments. And then, they danced together after a short lesson by students from Wakkanai. Both Wakkanai and GKA students spent a memorable experience together saying, “We really enjoyed staying in GKA” and “Thanks for coming to our school”. 

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