Gymnastics Olympic Gold Medalist, Hisashi Mizutori, visited GKA!


Mr. Hisashi Mizutori, an Olympic gold medalist, currently head coach of Japan men’s gymnastics team and university lecturer visited GKA on Thursday, January 20.
In his talk entitled, “the Road to Olympics,” he talked about how important it is for children to have dreams, not to give up but believe in and challenge themselves. He also mentioned his experience of make his dream of becoming an Olympian and winning a gold medal come true. However, he was not an elite athlete at the beginning. His father, a gymnastics coach did not offer him considerable guidance because he was the most physically inflexible student in his gym class. His passion to improve his performance and not to be outranked by others made him practice every day. Finally, he became a real elite athlete to be finally selected as a member of the national team. His life as an athlete, however, almost came to an end with major injuries a few times, and he almost gave up on pursuing his dream of being an Olympian. With the support and encouragement from the people around him, he was able to overcome severe injuries and continuously exerted effort simultaneous with rehabilitation and mental/physical training to fulfill his objectives. His dream finally came true. He won the gold medal in the team event in the 2004 Athens Olympics. He was also the part of the team to win the silver medal for the team in 2007 World Artistic Gymnastic Championships where he also won three individual bronze medals in the all-around, the floor exercise, and the horizontal bar. Students listened attentively to his talk and were impressed by the continuous hard work Mr. Mizutori exercised to make his dream come true without thinking that he could not do it.
Finally, Mr. Mizutori taught simple mat exercises and allowed students to take photos with him wearing his gold medal. Students were very impressed while looking at his gold medal with shining eyes.  


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