初等部 - 学習発表会
Elementary -Presentation Day


 平成26年3月8日(土)、大雪で延期されていた学習発表会が開催されました。 学習発表会の朝、どの棟に行っても、いつもと違う緊張感がありました。廊下や教室、あちらこちらで練習している子どもたちを見かけました。

 The Presentation Day for the elementary school, postponed due to heavy snowfall, was held on March 8, 2014. Walking to any building, one could sense the air was unusually tense that morning. In the halls and classrooms, children were rehearsing their roles. 
 The 2nd graders in their Japanese class reflected on their learning over the year through songs and recitations. Their individual vigor shone through and onlookers were deeply impressed to see how much their children had grown. 
 In the 4th graders’ social studies class, each student became an ambassador of Gunma Prefecture, introducing the prefecture’s well-known products and places. Each student shined as they proudly presented the fruits of their research.
  In the 6th graders’ English class, the students presented animation works that they had produced in groups. Their content and composition were well-thought-out and the works were fascinating to watch.
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4th graders’ social studies class Music Performance
6th graders’ English class