初等部 - 修了式
Elementary - Completion Ceremony



 On Monday, March 24, 2014, GKA Elementary School held its Completion Ceremony for the 2013 school year. The 6th graders clad in their elementary school uniforms shimmered with the radiance of finishing their first 6 years of school life as well as that nervousness distinctive of attending a ceremony. Standing erect and lining up straight as an arrow, these students had clearly changed from when they entered the school 6 years ago. With flashbacks of crucial moments in their children’s growth and strong emotions stirring from within, the adults watched, from a distance, the students accept their diplomas individually.
 Returning to their classrooms, the students passed around a “shikishi” (large square message card), sang songs, and expressed their gratitude to their homeroom teachers. Adding their own pizazz to the classroom for the occasion, the various classes shed tears and laughed in their last time together. The classroom undoubtedly will live on in their memories as the place of learning where they shared both happy and hard times.
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