初等部 - 入学式
Elementary - Entrance Ceremony



 The elementary school held its 10th entrance ceremony on Monday, April 7, 2014. Splendidly blooming cherry blossoms and tulips planted by students in the upper grades helped welcome the incoming students.
 The entrance ceremony at GKA was conducted in English. This rite marks the start of students’ voyage of intellectual discovery with two homeroom teachers accompanying them.This year, two 6th grade students became comedians who with exaggerated gestures made a farcical welcome speech. Sprinkled with jokes here and there, their act had the gymnasium roaring in laughter.
 The first graders knew where they should laugh, which had the adults around them amazed. The first graders are already turning out to be a dependable bunch. “Welcome to GKA. You’re starting a new life as school students.” With eyes glistening, the new students appeared already loosened and eager to answer this call aboard.