初等部 - 挨拶運動・通学指導
Elementary - Greeting Campaign / Commuting Instruction Program



 With the cooperation of SHIP (parents), GKA carries out a morning greeting campaign. The parents on duty speak to children in English. We believe that it is important for children to greet people vibrantly and with a smile. This gives everyone a positive boost of energy for the rest of the day.
 For one week starting Tuesday, April 8, we conducted commuting instructions. All the students assembled according to their groups and went home together. The upper-class students guided the lower-class ones on manners, such as how to line up, cross at the pedestrian crossing, act and spend time on the train, etc. 
 When lining up on the school grounds, children who had just become 2nd graders consoled and helped new first graders who were crying because they did not know where to go. One could not help smiling while watching this scene.