初等部 - GKA サイエンス・フェア 2013-2014
Elementary - GKA Science Fairs 2013-2014


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     1位: 4B (S.A. and W.A.) 「音波振動の不思議」 
     2位: 4A (M.I., R.H. and A.K) 「空気と炎との関係」 
     3位同位: 4A (M.K., M.S. and R.A)―「静電気」 
     3位同位: 4C (E.I.)―「どうすればM&M’s(お菓子)を早く溶かせるか」

     1位:6C (M.I.)―「海水エビ」 
     2位:6A  (S.Y., S,I., and N.S.)―「めちゃうまいアイスバー」 
     3位:6A  (R.Y, and K.K.)―「ホッカイロ」


     December 14, 2013 – the grade 4 and grade 6 students, taught by Mr. Bristow, held their yearly science fair. Students set up their science study projects in the gym. Other students came to look at their projects and listen to grade 4 and 6 students explain what and how they studied. Science teachers from the GKA secondary school visited and helped to choose the best projects based on students’ demonstration of scientific thought, understanding of their topic, and presentation skills.

The winners:
   Grade 4 
    1st Place: 4B students (S.A. and W.A.) “The Wonder of the Vibration of Sound”  
    2nd Place: 4A students (M.I., R.H. and A.K) “Relationship Between Air & Fire”  
    3rd Place (tie): 4A students (M.K., M.S. and R.A.) “Static Electricity” 
    3rd Place (tie): 4C student (E.I.) “How Can We Melt M&M’s faster?”

  Grade 6
    1st Place: 6C student (M.I.) “Brine Shrimp” 
    2nd Place: 6A students (S.Y., S,I., and N.S.) “Yummiest Ice Bar” 
    3rd Place: 6A students (R.Y, and K.K.) “Pocket Warmers”

     March 19, 2014 – students in grades 1, 2, 3, and 5 displayed their science fair projects. First and second grade studied various scientific phenomena such as sinking and floating, freezing and melting, how to clean dirty coins, and which brand of paper towel is the best. Then students took turns demonstrating what they studied. 
Third grade students designed and made activities based on topics they learned in science class: wind, rubber, electricity, and magnets. Students then went around the gym playing each other’s’ games and activities.
    Students in lower grades are helped along more by the teachers so that they can enjoy learning about simple scientific concepts but more and more freedom (and responsibility) is handed over to students as they get older so that they can explore their own scientific questions. Hopefully all students had fun and could practice science at a deep and personal level.