中高等部 - 英語スピーチコンテスト2014
Secondary - GKA Annual English Speech Contest 2014

GKA英語スピーチコンテスト 201412月16日火曜日、英語スピーチコンテストが中高等部で行われました。今回は12年生により運営され、12年生自らが審査員となり、司会も務めました。


7年生  石井 萌絵
8年生  石﨑 さくら
9年生      齊藤 優佳
10年生 大塚 晴有・植田 陽
11年生 江部 太郎・塚越 玲伊奈

On Tuesday, December 16th, the English Speech Contest 2014 was held at the secondary school.Grade12, students organized this event. They were the juries and acted as MC as well. Sixteen students delivered speeches in front of all the students and teachers of senior and junior high school.
Some of them used a projector and showed facts and figures to the audiences. 

On 18th, following 7 students were awarded the prizes.
The winners were as mentioned below. 

Grade 7     Moe Ishii
Grade 8     Sakura Ishizaki
Grade 9      Yuka Saito
Grade 10     Harry Otsuka and Minami Ueda
Grade 11     Taro Ebe and Reyna Tsukagoshi
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