中高等部 - IB文学フォーラムが行われました。
Secondary - IB Literature Forum



On 30th January 2015, GKA secondary school held the IB literature Forum.
GKA IB students conducted the program to the participants about their learning in IB subjects.
In the morning session, students presented the analysis of literary works;Albert Camus “The Stranger” Yukio Mishima “Five Modern Noh Plays” Kobo Abe “The Woman in the Dunes” Takiji Kobayashi “Kanikōsen”(which they learned in class)During the second session, students had a discussion about German Literature with Professor Mr. Yasuhiko Washiyama from Tokyo Gakugei University.
It seemed that they had a meaningful dialogue about the literary works.
During lunch time, students and participants were deeply enjoyed talking about IB education.
During the afternoon session, G11 IB students carried out a special TOK lesson in order to make participants to understand what TOK is.
After the session, each student displayed the IB subjects -IAs ,EEs, and TOK essays- and explained about the contents of learning.
We had a reputed discussion with a meaningful time towards the participants.

Thanking all the participants for coming to our Forum.
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