中高等部 - 「地球のステージ」を開催しました
Secondary - “The Earth Stage” was held

当日の様子は、「地球のステージ」のブログでもご紹介頂きました。 (日本語のみ)

Secondary School invited and held “The Earth Stage” on the 17th (Fri) of March 2015.
“The Earth Stage” is an official NPO organized by Dr.Kuwayama providing a concert stage with music live, talk and movies featuring the people in the area of conflict, disease and poverty.
It has started in 1996 and has put on the stage more than 3,000 times all around Japan.

Students looked at the 2 hours’ staged performance very seriously.
It was showing the situations various countries and Tohoku area.

It was a G10 student who invited this stage to GKA. She went to “Global Fest” held in Tokyo in 2013 and she was impressed so much that she decided to invite and show the stage to other GKA students. Her effort helped a lot to actualize this event.

The stage allowed the students to actually feel the thing happening in the world and think what they can do.
We hope to hold the stage next school year again.
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