中高等部 - 第一回 GKA留学フェア
Secondary - GKA Go! Global Fair 2015

海外留学の魅力を知ってもらうとともに、留学を希望する生徒のサポートを目的として、2015年6月9日(火)、「第1回 GKA留学フェア(GKA Go! Global Fair 2015)」を開催いたしました。
The GKA secondary school held the “GKA Go! Global Fair 2015” on 9th June (Tue) in order to arouse the students interest in studying abroad, and to support the students who wish to do so. Students and parents listened to a lecture by a GKA graduate who is about to enter a foreign university and consulted agencies and companies who set up booths.

 We believe that studying abroad is one of the options. It’s a mean not an end.
However we hope GKA students will think about their futures from a wide perspective and make use of English and the critical thinking skills they have developed at GKA.
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