Coming of Age Ceremony of Inaugural Class


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 2016年(平成28年)1月10日 本校の一期生である卒業生が喜ばしくも成人の日を迎えました。一期生はこの日、太田市の式典に本校の教員と参列しました。式典後、中学まで通学した母校(西本町キャンパス)を訪れ、9年生(中学3年)修了時に埋めたタイムカプセルを当時教わっていた教員に見守られながら掘り出しました。その後は会場を変え、遠方で参加できなかった旧師からのビデオメッセージを見ながら、楽しく懐かしい時間を過ごしました。



(1) 成人式の日に初等部に行き懐かしい先生方や校舎を見て、GKAに入学した当時のことが鮮明に思い出されました。五年前の自分が二十歳の私に向けてかいた手紙はとても面白く、出来ることならば当時の自分に返事をしてあげたいです。 
 一期生が今後活躍していく事が今のGKA studentsの励みになると信じて、これからも頑張っていこうと思います。

(2)  1月10日、新成人を迎えた一期生が初等部に集まりました。中等部卒業の時に埋めたタイムカプセルを掘り出すためです。新成人となった日に、私たちの出発点に帰って来られたことは、成人としての新しい出発に向け、何よりも嬉しいプレゼントになりました。タイムカプセルを開け、五年後の自分にあの時書いたメッセージや中学生の頃の思い出の品に大いに盛り上がり、まるで中学生に戻ったような時間でした。  

 Coming of Age Ceremony of Inaugural Class

 On January 10, 2016, graduates of GKA’s inaugural class celebrated joyously their Coming of Age Day. These alumni attended the ceremony held by Ota City with GKA teachers. After the ceremony, they visited their alma mater (Nishihon-cho campus) that they had attended up to junior high school, and with teachers who had taught them at the time watching they dug up the time capsule they had buried at the completion of 9th grade.Thereafter, they moved to another location and had a great time reminiscing and watching video messages from their former teachers in distant places who could not attend. 
 To members of the inaugural class, congratulations for reaching adulthood. We look forward to seeing you further flourish.

 The following are comments from alumni who came of age.

(1) On the Coming of Age Day, we went to the elementary school and memories of those days when we enrolled into GKA came back vividly from seeing our dear teachers and school buildings of our past. I was amused reading the letter I wrote 5 years ago addressed to myself as a 20-year-old, and were it possible I would send a reply to myself back then. 
 I will continue doing my best with the belief that the achievements by inaugural class members will be an inspiration for students now in GKA.

(2) On January 10, we alumni of the inaugural class that came of age gathered at the elementary school. It was for digging up the time capsule we had buried at the time of graduating from junior high school. Nothing could have made us happier that the gift of returning to our starting point on the Coming-of-Age Day as we restart as adults. Opening the time capsule and viewing the messages we wrote to ourselves 5 years into the future and memorable items from our junior high days, we became animated as though junior high school students again.
 Rejoicing for having learned at this school, we will keep progressing with pride as the alumni of the inaugural class of GKA.