中高等部 - サイエンスフェア2016
Secondary - Science Fair 2016

Grade7 エッグドロップワークショップ
Grade 8 ペットボトルロケット
Grade9 サイエンスデモンストレーション
Grade10&11 研究プロジェクト 発表
Grade11 IB インターナルアセスメントとJST
ISAKと東京学芸大学付属高校     プレゼンテーション
高崎健康福祉大学   ミラクルフルーツ
一般社団法人T.M.C.N モーターとブラシで作るロボットワークショップ

On Friday, March 11th, the Science Fair 2016 was held at the secondary school.Students exhibited their projects and research reports. Also junior and senior high school students participated in pet bottle rocket contest and debates.In the afternoon, we invited guests from two universities and participants from two high schools. A super technology demonstration was sponsored by one of the companies.The following events were held : 

Grade7 Egg Drop Workshop
Grade8 PET bottle rocket
Grade9 Science demonstration
Grade10 &11 Research Project
Grade11 IB Internal Assessment & JST
ISAK & Tokyo Gakugei University SHS Presentations
Takasaki health and wealth University Influence of Marcelin on Taste
T.M.C.N Creating robots with motor and brush.
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