中高等部 - 地域清掃活動
Secondary - GKA District Cleaning Activity



GKA District Cleaning Activity
On December 7, 2017, the students embarked on a cleaning activity to keep the surrounding environment clean and to deepen awareness that they are part of the community.
The Environmental Health Committee divided the students into 30 groups and deployed each 2 groups into 15 different areas around the school, along with the teachers that guided and led the groups. Once the cleaning was done, they checked the rubbish and categorized it into burnable, non-burnable, tins and plastic bottles, and put them into the designated rubbish bags for disposal.
Through this 90-minute cleaning activity, all the students were able to enhance cross-grade communications and contributed to establishing a society where the GKA students can co-exist with the surrounding community in a clean environment.


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