中高等部 - サイエンスフェア
Secondary - Science Fair



We had the GKA science fair on March 11th from 8:30am to 4:00pm. More than 180 visitors including the Ota South Rotary Club members, guest professors and elementary students, parents and teachers enjoyed a warm spring day with us.
 It is one of our unique school events in English, which is focused on scientific activities. It aims to provide opportunities for inquiry and presentation. Actually, the real purpose is to enjoy science itself with everybody. The 2017 GKA science fair consisted of so many events which included a research presentation from each grade, an egg drop competition and a water rocket competition, a robot club exhibition, a 1/1-scale model of the artificial satellite Akatsuki, a PC breakdown workshop by Nakadai, a PETS programming robot and Strawbees workshop by TMCN, and a smart phone microscope attachment by Prof. Katayama. Also, science helpers made a wooden roller coaster, a Pitagora-switch exhibition and school farm open house. In addition, the final match of the English debate at the closing ceremony between TGUISS and GKA students was breathtaking. 18 SHIP parent members kindly made delicious vegetable soup during lunch time, and there was a long line for it. According to the parents’ questionnaire, most of the participants said that they enjoyed the 2017 science fair. We hope we will be more open and foster a better friendship with local communities. It would make us so happy if such an event like the science fair could contribute to it.

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