中高等部 - 少年の主張
Secondary - Shonen-no Shucho (Voice of the Youth Speech Contest)



 One of our students will be delivering a speech at the Gunma Prefecture finals of the Shonen-no Shucho Contest. This is the first time in our school’s history that one of our students has advanced this far.
 Kaya Fusejima, a 9C student who was initially selected as our school representative for “Shonen-no Shucho (Voice of the Youth Speech Contest)” on June 2nd, participated in the Ota City finals on July 1st. She was selected as the city representative after competing with other students from 18 different junior high schools. Proceeding to the Tomo Regional finals on August 19th, she was selected to advance to the next round, the Gunma Prefecture finals, which will be held on September 16th.