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Culture Festival (So-Ryu-Sai)

This year, GKA held it’s biennial Culture Festival and this was likely our biggest Culture Festival ever. We had around 800 visitors apply to join our Culture Festival, around twice the number of students we have. As you can guess, it was a very exciting and lively day for all.

The student council made a culture festival committee to work with the student council in order to make a Culture Festival that shows our school’s culture as closely as possible. We had over 60 students from all grades volunteering to be members of the culture festival committee, being led by 11B Mio Sakae. The committee understood our school as having an international culture and hence, decided to make a world tour for the visitors. Namely, grades across the school represented continents across the world, allowing visitors to experience culture from those continents. Grade 7 represented Asia, Grade 8 represented Antarctica, Grade 9 represented North America, Grade 10 represented Europe, Grade 11 represented Africa and Grade 12 represented South America. The classes worked hard to make venues within each continent representing an area or country that visitors could experience. Culture clubs and other activities also took place allowing visitors to enjoy a wide variety of events and experiences.

40 groups of students performed in the New Gym and a recital also took place in the Music Room. Students were very willing and clearly longed for the chance to express themselves and show their talents to others. Many students walked around the building proudly advertising their venues and food tickets usually sold out almost as soon as they were made available.

Thoughts from visitors were very positive and they were happy they could experience a part of our culture here at GKA.


生徒会では、私たち学校の文化をできる限り見て、感じていただく文化祭にするため、共に活動する文化祭委員会を立ち上げました。11年B組の榮 望百さんが委員長となり、そのほか全学年から60人を超えるボランティアの生徒が集まりました。委員会メンバーはGKAが国際的な文化を有している特徴を十分に理解し、そこから来訪者に向けて世界ツアーを企画することを決めました。各学年で世界中の大陸を分担し、来訪者の皆様にそれぞれの大陸の異なる文化を体験していただきました。7年生はアジア、8年生は南極、9年生は北アメリカ、10年生はヨーロッパ、11年生はアフリカ、12年生は南アメリカをそれぞれ代表しました。どのクラスも、お客さんにそれぞれの大陸又はエリアの文化を体験してもらおうと一生懸命頑張りました。文化クラブとその他のアクティビティーも開催され、お客さんに多岐にわたるイベントや体験を楽しんでもらうことができました。


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