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Differences between GKA and other schools

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Elementary 1

  Our school GKA is quite different from other schools. There are three main differences that I could think of.

  The first and the biggest difference is the language that we use. While other schools use Japanese for all of their classes and communication between students and teachers, we use English a lot of the time. Because we take different classes in English, we can learn not only daily conversation but also specialized terms, such as scientific words.
  The second main difference is that nearly half of the teachers are from outside Japan. Nearly half of the teachers are from outside Japan, and this is the second difference. They not only teach us English, but also they teach us their cultures. I think it is very unusual to be able to learn about the culture and life in other countries without going there.

  The third difference is that we have the IB Diploma Programme. I am one of the students taking IB. Until 10th Grade, the contents of our lessons were very similar to other schools. Now it is completely different. But it is still very fun and I think it was the right choice for me to choose IB as it prepares us for university and our future lives. And because in the IB Programme, all of our lessons apart from Japanese Literature are in English, our language ability improves a lot as well.

  There are big differences between GKA and other schools. I am really glad that I can study in this environment, and it is affecting me in a very good way.

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Elementary 1

  The biggest difference between GKA and other schools is the teachers. A fantastic student doesn’t just emerge from nowhere. They must be guided by teachers that are experts in their fields. And for learning English, native English speakers are just the best. At GKA, native English speakers from all around the world are there to help us to learn. While normal Japanese schools also invite native English speaking teachers to their schools, the difference between those schools and GKA is the numbers of native English speaking teachers we have here. Nearly half of our teachers are native English speakers, and this makes our environment much closer to that found in foreign countries and it consequently boosts our English skills and gives us valuable global perspectives.
  The second and the most important difference is how we learn English. There are many ways to learn English: going through textbooks; reading novels; memorizing vocabulary. Most of these methods are practiced in other schools, too. But the best way to learn English is to experience it. And GKA is one of the best schools that can offer us this experience.
  For these reasons we are able to develop our English skills and take part in society globally.