History of the School

April 21, 2003Plan approved by the Prime Minister under the enacted special zone law
December 28, 2004Educational Foundation of Ota Kokusai Gakuen founded
April 1, 2005Gunma Kokusai Academy of Educational Foundation of Ota Kokusai Gakuen opened
The Chairman was Mr. Masayoshi Shimizu and Dr. Eugene E. Cooper was the Principal at its opening.
April 6, 2005Gunma Kokusai Academy Opening Ceremony held in the morning and the first Entrance Ceremony in the afternoon
January 9, 2007Secondary School Preparation Office started
June 11, 2007Mr. Hiroshi Watanabe appointed as new Chairman
October 1, 2007Mr. Masaru Imai appointed as new Principal
December 7&8, 2007GKA Immersion Symposium held
(MEXT Educational Reform Model Project)
April 1, 2008Junior High School opened
July 1, 2010Mr. Masayoshi Shimizu appointed as new Chairman
November 15, 2010The school submitted the application A to IBO for Diploma Program.
November 24, 2010The school became an IBDP candidate school.
December 11, 20102nd GKA Immersion Symposium as a way of “Open House”
April 1, 2011Senior High School opened in Uchigashima Campus and the Junior High in the same campus.
Dr. Teresita-Salve Tubianosa appointed as Elementary School Principal and Mr. Keizo Ogasawara as Secondary School Principal
May 31, 2011IB pre-authorization visit. by Mr. Stephen Keegan
October 20, 2011Became an official IB World School
April 1, 2012Started to offer the IB Diploma Programme
April 1, 2013Ms. Shizue Yoshida appointed as new Secondary School Principal
December 13&14, 20133rd GKA Immersion Symposium 2013
March 1, 2014First Secondary School Graduation Ceremony
November 26, 20164th GKA Immersion Symposium as a way of “Open House”
April 1, 2018Mr. Hiroyuki Kaneko appointed as new Secondary School Principal