GKA Immersion & IB Symposium

November 26, 2016 (Saturday)
We are holding the 4th Immersion Education / IBDP Symposium

Purpose of the English Immersion Education and IBDP Symposium

    After a long and slow stage of initial implementation, “Globalization” is finally beginning to move forward in the field of Japanese education. Originally the English education reformation started from the introduction of Foreign Language Activities in 2008. Recently, the Ministry of Education (M.E.X.T.) announced implementing many changes in English study, such as, English lessons are scheduled to begin in grade three in elementary schools, English will become a compulsory subject from grade five, Junior high school English classes being conducted in English. Senior high schools will work on developing student’s skills in debating and making presentations. M.E.X.T. also plans to establish IBDP high schools nationwide. Some universities have begun recognizing candidates’ English proficiency qualifications towards the entrance exam evaluation, and designing the entrance exams aligned with the IB Diploma Program. Moreover, M.E.X.T. is encouraging the implementation of active learning to further reinforce fundamental Educational reformation.

    In 2005 Gunma Kokusai Academy (GKA) was the first school established under the Special Structural Reform Zone, several years before these trends began to appear. From the beginning, GKA has continued to strive toward providing the best English Education in Japan through the English immersion education and IB/DP.

    G.K.A holds an “Immersion and IBDP Symposium” every three years to fulfill the responsibility as a special educational zone school and to share achievements and challenges with the world.

Reference can also be made to the pamphlets of immersion symposia held previously.
  The 3rd Symposium(2013.12)
  The 2nd Symposium(2010.12)
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Date: November 26th, 2016 9:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: Gunma Kokusai Academy