Science concepts and skills are taught in a variety of strategies and teaching methodologies. GKA science aims to nurture the development of science process skills and provide the students with opportunities to explore the world around them scientifically by applying these skills. Our science program gives a special emphasis on hands-on and minds-on learning to enhance their critical thinking and creativity. Students comprehend the science concepts through experiments and discussions in small groups with their peers. Their knowledge is further enriched through research projects, working models they design, presentations and post presentation discussions. To foster a positive attitude towards science and a curiosity to discover more, beyond their classroom learning they participate in the "Science Fair" where they display their science projects that apply their science literacy to the whole school. Teachers help students attain a higher level of comprehension in the classroom and outside of the classroom. If students need extra help for their projects, class content, homework or anything else related to science, they can join extra help sessions for science after school.


For evaluation, we give more emphasis on students' ability to explain, analyse, interpret and apply the scientific concepts to their daily life rather than mere memorization. We also pay attention to reinforce their science vocabulary which is critical to process science information.

We are striving to enable our students to fit successfully in a scientifically and technologically ever advancing global community.

In a nutshell we can say that our goal is to.....
"Cater to the students’ sense of wonder in nature while developing critical thinking skills through inquiry and by exploring the relationships between science, technology and society and their applications to daily life."