Life Science


Life science is taught to grade 1 and 2 students twice a week. It is a general course that combines aspects of science and social studies. Students in grade 1 learn about their immediate environment, including the school and the people in it, as well as nearby natural areas and creatures, through hands-on activities and exploration.


In grade 2, students widen their scope to include the neighbourhood and businesses around the school and nature in a global context. They also start to learn research skills, using the library and computers to complete projects and then do presentations on their research.

Students in both grade 1 and 2 learn about how people in different countries celebrate holidays. They learn how plants grow by planting and raising various flowers and vegetables. They are introduced to experimental procedures and the scientific process and present or demonstrate their classroom learning at a science fair at the end of the year.

Students learn the vocabulary and skills they need to describe and understand the world around them as they are observing, exploring, and manipulating that world.