One of the most unique features of GKA is its music curriculum. Students study music from 1st grade through high school using the "Jump Right In" method. Through "Jump Right In," students learn to improvise, write and read music much in the same was as they do in language helping to reinforce their creativity in other disciplines. In grades 1 through 3, students study "Jump Right In" - general music. In grade 4 they study recorder helping to prepare them for the 5th grade instrumental classes. In grade 5 all students learn to play a wind or percussion instrument and are given the opportunity to join the GKA Elementary Band and the GKA Elementary Jazz Band in the 6th grade.

Students have many opportunities to perform at GKA as well. Students perform at school events, school concerts and Ota City music festivals throughout the year. In addition, very special and unique performing opportunities are often presented to GKA students. We believe that our music program gives our students a profound love and understanding of music that they will carry throughout their lives.