All students are artists.
There are times when visitors ask about the uniqueness of the students’ works. The best answer to this is, "Students share contents and techniques in an art room, but the thoughts they want to express come as the top priority. They may face a variety of difficulties along the way, but all students can reach their goals in unique ways. All students are artists."

In the lower graders, the goal is to realize that everyone is special and unique. Students enjoy activities and learn how to use basic tools and materials. Inspiring the five senses is very important to build on their artistic ability around this age.


The middle graders' goal is to critique their own art-work and try to develop and explore their own style. They improve their ability and skills by using various tools and materials. They use various media, such as a digital camera and personal computer for their work. By connecting to other subjects, they broaden and deepen their understanding of contents.

For the upper graders, the goal is to build on their abilities in strengthening their subjective and objective approaches to works of art. The students are able to put meaning and value on their own work and those of others through collaborative activities and exhibition planning. The units, which comprise of works from all ages and countries, entice students' curiosity for visual arts, and promote their awareness of diversity.