Physical Education


One of GKA’ s goals is to train students to think critically and act independently. In P.E., students take turns to lead parts of lessons or be leaders of small groups. They experience a variety of warm up activities and games during all P.E. lessons to build on students’ physical strength. Our students have limited playtime caused by the large commuting area. P.E. teachers help students enjoy physical exercise and play outside to keep them mentally and physically healthy.


Our P.E. is based on the Japanese curriculum. However, it is taught in English. Students enjoy a variety of games and sports and also learn responsibility, follow rules, maintain an attitude of cooperation, and practice fair play. P.E. offers opportunities to develop social skills as Japanese citizens. There are several sport events incorporating international activities, too. Upper grade students teach the 1st grades "the Haka," a spirit dance of the New Zealand rugby team. All students perform "the Haka" every Sports Day.