Home Economics


GKA adopts an experience-oriented approach for teaching home economics. Students spend as much time as possible experiencing vicarious learning. Lessons cover various kinds of contents such as cooking, basic sewing, washing, cleaning, tips for healthy and comfortable lifestyles, and being smart shoppers which relate to daily life experience.


The classes provide opportunities to implement what students learned through practical work by integrating with other subjects and school events. For instance, after learning how to grow rice in social studies class in grade 5, they experience cooking rice in home economics classes. The experience starts with seed selection followed by planting, maintenance and management, harvesting and milling. Going through the whole process, students experience the pleasure and the hardship of growing rice. They cook harvested rice with a pot and not with a rice cooker in home economics class. The lesson is a preparation for cooking rice for their host families during their overseas study tour in grade 6. After painstakingly growing rice, not even a single grain of rice is wasted when they cooked.