The goals of GKA computer technology learning are to acquire knowledge and skills about fundamental office software (MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Access) used to study and work; to understand multimedia devices and technology, and to learn basic programming for student to develop their own systems. In the class, we use English educational software and websites which are also introduced in overseas elementary schools. In the upper grade classes we also install learning content material from other subjects in the computer and make presentations.
  Computer lessons permits students to become internationally minded and enable them to be at ease with computer systems from all over the world.


Computer technology represents a new fundamental set of skills which are indispensable in a rapidly evolving digital information based global society. GKA computer technology learning standards implements up-to-date computer practices and offer small classes where students receive more attention from their teacher. With the reality of constant change in technology, the class aims to acquire new skills and ideas that reflect established and emerging applications.