Morals education at GKA follows the Virtues Project, an internationally acclaimed collaborative program based on the experience of educators throughout the world. It seeks to empower students into creating a positive, respectful environment in which to share our learning. The program is centered on a list of 52 culturally neutral virtues that reflect our international character.
  Morals lessons call students to reflect on level-appropriate virtues in order to push them to action and instill in them a shared sense of civic responsibility. The assessment is based on the reflection of the virtues and not on the moral behavior of our students.

The Morals program at GKA also supports the positive outlook of the school by having regularly scheduled assemblies to demonstrate the virtues in action in our community, by our community.
  Examples of past morals projects have included: upper grade students exemplified helpfulness by serving lunch to lower graders; students made 1,000 origami paper cranes to show unity for those people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake; junior high students demonstrated service by going to a local nursing home to offer help.