Teacher Recruitment (for non-Japanese teachers)

Application Procedure

Be sure to see this additional information on teacher registrations (PDF file).

Ota City established Gunma Kokusai Academy (GKA), a private school offering a 12-year unified English immersion education in April 2005. The National Government designated Ota City as a special education zone in 2003. GKA opened its junior high school in April 2008 and its high school in April 2011.

GKA invites applications for elementary and secondary teachers.

Application Procedure

Applicants need to fulfill the following requirements. Use the following form to apply. We will send an information package to successful candidates with the official application forms.
  • Non-Japanese Teachers
    • Comes from a country where English is a FIRST language
      (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US, etc.)
    • Has at least a Bachelor's degree in elementary or secondary education
      (If applying for a secondary school teaching position, an applicant must have a major and/or a minor subject(s) to qualify).
    • Holds a current valid teaching certificate from an English speaking country
    • Has a teaching experience, of at least 2 years, in regular schools
    • Japanese language proficiency is not required but preferred
  • Note

    GKA will not consider applications that do not meet these minimum requirements. An application does not guarantee a position. All information provided will inform employment decisions. Only authorized personnel will have access to all information.

    Only qualified candidates will be contacted. Resumes will not be returned. Thank you for showing an interest in joining Gunma Kokusai Academy.

For additional information, please contact:
Gunma Kokusai Academy Secondary School
Telephone: (0276)47-7711
Address: 1361-4 Uchigashima-cho, Ota City, Gunma 373-0813   Email: info@gka.ed.jp