Emergency Measures Policy

In Case of Natural Disaster

Notice of School Closure

  1. When the decision to close school can be given a day in advance (i.e.an approaching typhoon):
    Notification of school closure will be given by letter. However, if the decision to close school is made after school has been dismissed, a mass mail will be sent. After notification has been given, the school will remain closed regardless of the weather conditions.
  2. When the decision to close school cannot be given a day in advance:
    Decisions to proceed with school closures will be determined by 6 am and notification will be sent via mass email.
  3. When students arrive at school without knowledge of closure;
    The school will take appropriate action after careful consideration of the situation.
    When it is determined that it is safe to allow students to return home by themselves, the school will contact and inform parents.

Judgment of School Closure

  1. Some students commute long distances to school. Therefore it is assumed that weather may vary from place to place or that public transportation may be stopped. We ask parents to decide on their own whether it is truly safe enough for their child attend school or not
  2. If a weather warning (Keiho) is announced in your area, please inform the school. An official absence will be applied. Please note that a “Keiho” weather warning is used for heavy rain, floods, storms, and heavy snow. This is different than a “Chuiho” warning.

Judgment of going home

  1. When students are dismissed early from school:
    Depending on the path of a typhoon, the availability of public transportation, or sudden rainstorms, the school may dismisses students earlier. In this case, a mass email will be sent to parents.
  2. When students cannot return home due to an earthquake or a public transportation shutdown:
    When public transportation is stopped or when it is too dangerous for students to return home on their own, students will remain at school until parents have made arrangements to pick them up.
    It is very important for each family to discuss and create their own emergency plan. Please consider a situation when conditions prevent children and parents from being able to directly communicate with each other.

When students are held at school

  1. When public transportation is shutdown:
    A mass email will be sent to inform parents that their child will be held at school.
    If public transportation is restored, a mass email will be sent informing parents that children may return home on their own if they wish.
  2. In the event of a large earthquake or natural disaster:
    Students will be held at school until parents pick them up.
    Students will be allowed to return of on their own only after it has been determined that it is safe enough to do so.