Message from the Principal

Hiroyuki Kaneko, Principal, Gunma Kokusai Academy Secondary School


  Welcome to our website. At our secondary school campus in Uchigashima, we aim to develop students’ academic abilities in an English immersion environment that will inspire them to think critically. Based on our educational principles, we strive to develop a global consciousness that will enable our graduates to pursue distinguished careers both in Japan and on the international stage. Our school performs an essential role in helping students achieve their academic goals, acting as a bridge to higher education. Putting our extensive resources at their disposal, it is our desire to assist them in making their dreams come true.

  As an International Baccalaureate World School, we offer an IB Diploma Program for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. We also have a course designed to help students enter Japanese universities.
  Our vision for the current school year has been uploaded to this website. We hope it will give you an idea of what our six-year educational program consists of and help you understand our objectives as a school. We will continue to make every effort to meet your expectations.  Thank you.