IB Diploma Programme

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IB Diploma Programme

On Oct 20, 2011 Gunma Kokusai Academy (GKA) became an official IB World School authorized to offer the IB Diploma Programme (DP) starting in April 2012. We are the fifth Japanese High School to offer the IB DP and therefore our students have the opportunity to receive both the Japanese High School and IB diploma simultaneously. The full Diploma Programme is a broad-based 2-year course with a strong emphasis in encouraging students to develop intercultural understanding and critical thinking. IB DP has gained recognition and respect from the world's leading universities and is fully recognized as an entrance qualification to universities in over 110 countries worldwide. Every university in the UK accepts the IB Diploma as an entry qualification. In the US and Canada, IB Diplomas and Certificates (Higher Level) are recognized and universities confer credit for up to one year.

IB fosters tolerance, exposure to new ideas, provides opportunity for student inquiry and presentation of ideas, promotes academic honesty, teaches students how to formulate questions, observe, plan their work, collect, record, organize, and interpret data and present research findings.

IB students will be self-confident; reflect and learn from their experiences; develop a spirit of discovery, commitment, initiative, determination and perseverance; meet challenges and be aware of personal limitations; use practical skills which can be used in the service of others; and become lifelong learners.

At GKA we will offer Japanese Literature Higher Level (HL), English B HL, World History HL and Standard Level (SL), Math HL and SL, Biology SL, Physics SL, Chemistry SL, Music SL, and Visual Arts SL.

Along with the 6 academic courses, the students will also take Theory of Knowledge: where students will learn about the complexity of knowledge; write an Extended Essay: a 4,000 word in-depth study of a topic of the student's choice; and fulfill the Creativity Action Service (CAS) requirements: gives direction and reflection to all of the student's extracurricular activities.

The maximum number of IB points is 45 (up to 7 in every subject plus 3 from the Extended Essay and TOK essay). To receive the IB Diploma students need a minimum of 24 points.

More information is given on the IB link.

Questions about IB (PDF file)

Questions are as follows. Answers are shown in the above PDF file.
  • What is the IB Diploma Programme?
  • What are the IB courses to be offered at GKA?
  • What is the Extended Essay?
  • What is Theory of Knowledge?
  • What is CAS?
  • What are the CAS outcomes?
  • How are IB students evaluated?
  • Why should I pursue an IB diploma?
  • Where is the IB diploma recognized?
  • Recognition of the IB Diploma for admission to Japanese universities and colleges?
  • Deadlines or Due Dates, are they firm?
  • When do we & the universities get the grades/results?
  • Will my son/daughter be accepted to a university?
  • How do I attain recommendation letters from teachers?
  • Can a student change his subjects or levels from HL to SL or visversa?
  • What happens during the summer break between Grade 11 & 12?
  • Is there a penalty for incorrect answers on the multiple choice papers for group 4 subjects? Is a wrong answer scored the same as an omitted answer?
  • Candidates often carry out practical work in groups. Is it acceptable for candidates in a group to produce identical work, or do they need to submit clearly different work?