English Language Arts

  • Civically minded young adults
  • Capable communicators in English
  • Globally aware students

The ELA department is excited about the work before us. We work with traditional skills such as reading comprehension, theme writing, and vocabulary development drills as well as foster critical thinking and global awareness through our unit themes. Our department focuses on the four key language development areas: Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Mechanics. Each component is a vital link to becoming fluent in English where daily practice and cumulative projects aid students on their path. As GKA is an immersion school, we work hard to create an environment of language where the work is both challenging and fun.

This year we have added novel reading to our regular curriculum. We feel that students develop stronger vocabulary and understanding of universal themes and ideas by reading and discussing longer works in English. For example, grade 8 students read Abarat (a modern novel with a young heroine) and grade 10 reads Romeo and Juliet (the classic play by Shakespeare). Students are encouraged, too, to read novels of their own selection to broaden their knowledge in English and to pique their interest that they may become life-long learners.