Japanese Language Arts

We have 3 goals in Japanese Language Arts category.
To ensure the acquisition of basic scholastic ability
 • Cultivate the power of using Japanese Language appropriately and understanding the subject matter concretely.
To refine one's thinking and power of expression
 • Enrich the critical thinking ability and presentation skills
To show respect for Japanese Language and cultural traditions
 • Create more awareness of Japanese Language and traditions and develop appreciation of Japanese culture.

There are some international schools in Japan which offer education in English just like GKA. However most of the international schools are not required to offer Japanese Language Art classes well enough because they are not recognized as schools running the Japanese curriculum.

Our school is recognized as an ordinary Japanese curriculum, albeit English Immersion school, and not an International school. So GKA graduations are qualified to take university entrance examinations in Japan. The most peculiar point of our school is that students can learn things in English and in Japanese effectively so that we can ensure the acquisition of basic Japanese Language ability.

Just like any public school, GKA uses the textbooks authorized by the Japanese government. In the lessons, we focus on improving a student's basic skills "Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading" and cultivating the critical thinking ability required to see things objectively and analytically. In addition, we introduce various methods during lesson activities in order to enhance presentation skills so that students are able to communicate adequately.

Moreover, students are required to have great respect for their mother-language and culture in order to become an internationally active person. JLA takes the lead role of cultivating that knowledge by making student get familiar with classical literature though the lessons.