In our school, mathematics is grounded on two main pillars:

  1. Establishment of basic knowledge of mathematics
  2. Tying the mathematics to everyday life
Fortunately, in our school, there are many teachers who studied mathematics in college, so we are able to grasp mathematics from various viewpoints and apply the knowledge to various mathematical phenomena. Concretely we can develop the discussion by raising a question such as, "why is a honeycomb in the shape of a hexagon?" From the concept of how mathematics can be utilized in our daily lives, we can consider several phenomena from the mathematics standpoint and make learning enjoyable. In so doing, the students' interest and attitude towards mathematics is enhanced and they get to understand the significance of studying mathematics.

At GKA, we are always studying ahead of the stipulated content in the syllabus. For example, in the 2nd semester of grade 9, students start studying senior high school mathematics content. The objective of this is to induct our students early enough to university entrance preparations. While doing these, we also try to increase review, practice sessions and assessment tests to determine the level of understanding of content covered in junior high school.