Social Studies

The purpose of Social Studies Lessons in JH and SH
  1. To improve the students' "Fukuganteki (integrative)" thinking skill
  2. We continue to design social studies' lessons in JH and SH to allow students to think on the social issues from different aspects. The knowledge about society that JH and SH students get during lessons is more detailed. The students do not simply obtain knowledge but they use it practically to think on issues from different aspects, to see their ideas change after thinking and to connect their knowledge and ideas to the real society. Contrary to the group working style in elementary school, we let the students have more opportunities to think critically about social issues and connect them to the real society, outside of their families and the school.
  3. To improve their analytical and presentation skills
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    We keep giving opportunities to present the students' ideas and their reasons during lessons. They can use knowledge and skills that they learn not only in social studies lessons but also in Japanese, mathematics, and computer lessons to make statistical charts and to explain their ideas and reasons logically. They write reports and newspapers, and they also make oral reports about the result of their research to improve their analytical and presentation skills.
  5. To let them think about social issues not only in Japanese but also in English
  6. In JH and SH, students have some social studies lessons in English also. From Grade 7 to 10, all students take an English SS lesson once a week and Grade 11 and 12 would take History lessons in English when they take the IB course. Based on the English skill that they learned in elementary school, students think about world issues by reading some articles and using maps and statistical charts. They can also present their opinions in English.