Welcome to the Department of Sciences webpage! The mission and vision of the Department of Sciences is to provide education while instilling in our students the need to harbor dreams to attain-successful careers both in Japan and overseas and to be able to communicate scientific content in an international setting. Please explore our website and consider making GKA part of your child’s academic goal for a real life education. We promise to help fulfill your child’s dreams!

Our unique science program integrates instruction in both English and in Japanese. At GKA, science instruction is done in two languages:three hours a week in English and a review of the same content once a week in Japanese. As a result, our students can now compete side-by-side with their counterparts in regular Japanese-schools and are also set to put their mark on the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams which GKA students will attempt for the first time in November 2013.


TEXTBOOKS: In addition to an enormous stock of science reference materials in print and electronic form, we issue two science textbooks at the beginning of every academic year. Regular Monbukagakusho approved textbooks in Japanese and the same textbook translated into English.

PRACTICALS/LABS: We have state-of-the-art science laboratories designed to incorporate the latest information technologies during instruction. We have a suite of analytical instruments in our laboratories that will help us meet the challenges that come with the experiment-intensive IB diploma program.

SCIENCE FAIR: The science fair is organized once a year to give students a chance to pursue independent research in their various areas of interest. We use the science fair to develop, in our students, the scientific method-solving problems and determining answers to questions in a logical format and presenting results in a scientific report.

FACULTY: GKA’s science faculty and staff possess a range of talents, interests and disciplines. Many are recognized as experts and leaders in their fields of study. They are dedicated to producing outstanding scholars and promoting life-long learning. Our faculty dedicate themselves to work with students by providing personal advice to plan their academic program and serve as advisors to club activities. Our faculty is truly global and is among the very best in their countries of origin.